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Ground Zero is where the World Trade Center stood prior to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The World Trade Center (WTC) was a complex of seven buildings in Lower Manhattan in New York City that was destroyed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Two of the towers were 110 stories each- those buildings were known as the “Twin Towers.” The site is currently being rebuilt with six new skyscrapers and a memorial to the casualties of the attacks.

After 9/11, the 40-acre site was renamed Ground Zero. “Ground Zero” normally refers to the epicenter of an atomic bomb explosion. After 9/11, people compared the destruction of the Twin Towers to that of an atomic bomb.

How Can I Find the 911 Memorial?
All of our History of Wall Street tours end at the 911 Memorial for your convenience. We give customers a brief overview of the 911 Memorial area so that you can then explore on their own, at your leisure. It should be noted that there are several similarly-named institutions in this area of the Financial District: the 911 Memorial, The 911 Museum and the 911 Tribute Center.

What Is the Difference Between All the 911-Related Institutions Downtown?

The 911 Memorial is an open plaza, which is free to the public. The plaza contains a wall inscribed with the names of the victims, two large waterfalls, the Survivor Tree and is, in general, a place for solemn reflection and tribute. www.911memorial.org

The 911 Museum, also known as the National September 11 Museum, has an entry of $24, except on Tuesdays from 5PM to 7PM when it is free. Conveniently, we run a 3PM tour on Tuesdays which drops you off at 4:30 at the Memorial so that you can enter the Museum for free immediately after. The Museum is full of artifacts and displays which cannot be seen elsewhere. www.911memorial.org/museum

The 911 Tribute Museum is located at 92 Greenwich Street and offers further exhibits, galleries and first-hand information and stories from survivors. Entry is $15 for adults. http://tributewtc.org



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