911 Ground Zero Tour | NYC Lower Manhattan Tours

Tour Description:

First stop is a peek inside St Paul’s Chapel, or “The Little Chapel That Stood.” It’s the oldest surviving church in Manhattan that saved many lives during 911, then became the go-to place of the police and fire departments after 911. Then we stroll outside to the 911 Memorial Plaza (Ground Zero), where the World Trade Center, or Twin Towers once stood.

Our guides will bravely recount the 911 events and their deeply personal experience of that harrowing time. Outside, you can listen to the Memorial Waterfalls and visit the Survivor Tree, the only tree to withstand the devastation of 911.

We then pass the awe-inspiring 911 Museum and sparkling One World Trade Center, the Calatrava Transportation Hub (called the “Oculus”) and witness the enormous progress in the gradual rebuilding of the area.

Fancy a bite and a shop? We explore inside shiny Brookfield Place and the Winter Garden, a vibrant shopping and dining complex that sprouted from the debris of 911 where thousands of workers and residents relax, dine and make merry every day.

Then it’s time to bundle up and step outside (or stay inside and be warm) for the sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty, “Wall Street West” and the Hudson River, all visible from the magnificent Brookfield place indoor or outdoor plaza.

Any time, any day you want.

Approximately 90 minutes

Tour Start:
Inside the Fulton Center Subway, 200 Broadway

Tour End:
911 Memorial / Ground Zero

Tour takes place rain or shine.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Tour Stops:

Fulton Center, St Paul's Chapel, Calatrava Transportation Hub / Oculus, Ground Zero, 911 Memorial Plaza, Brookfield Place.

What is great about this tour:

It includes the area outside of the 9/11 Memorial, which differentiates it from many other tours.

It includes St. Paul’s Chapel, Fulton Center, the new transportation hub and Brookfield Place, which contains a food court and bathrooms.

Who would enjoy this tour:

Anyone interested in New York, the new World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial.

Anyone who wants to be inspired by the triumph of the rebuilding and rebirth of lower Manhattan, forged by the indomitable spirit of New Yorkers, rather than the tragedy that befell this Great City and its people on 9/11.

Why choose us?

We are the original Wall Street Tour.

Our tours are high quality.  

We even lead the tours for the Museum of American Finance.

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