Visiting the Statue of Liberty - New York Lower Manhattan Tours

There are three ways to see the Statue of Liberty:

From Manhattan


By taking the Staten Island Ferry


By taking the Statue of Liberty Ferry

Adults tickets start at $25, Children (6 - 12) and Seniors (62 +) at $21 and higher to include Pedestal or Crown tickets.

How to see the Statue of Liberty from Manhattan:

Take the same subway you would take to visit the Staten Island ferry.

Staten Island Ferry

Getting to the Staten Island Ferry by Subway:

Red (1) to South Ferry


Yellow (R, W) White Hall

Exit the subway and walk upstairs onto the Staten Island ferry building.

Green (4, 5) to Bowling Green -

walk to the Staten Island Ferry building

Use the same above subways to get the Statue of Liberty Ferry

Getting to Staten Island Ferry via Sightseeing Bus:

  • Big Bus - stop 12
  • Grayline - stop 12

How long does it take to ride the Staten Island Ferry?

The Staten Island ferry is about a two hour time commitment. The ferry ride from Manhattan to Staten Island is only 20 minutes. And another 20 minutes from Staten Island back to Manhattan.

You have to get off the ferry at Staten Island, walk into the terminal building and wait to board the next ferry to Manhattan. Roughly it's a 20-30 minute wait between your arrival and your departure.​

​TIP : When you take the Staten Island ferry from Manhattan, go outside and take your pictures from the skyline of Manhattan as you depart. When you come back to Manhattan, due to security, the door facing Manhattan is locked and you can not go outside to take your pictures.

Staten Island Ferry Schedule

  • The ferry runs 24 hours a day.
  • There is a ferry every half hour.
  • During the commuting rush hours, there are 3 - 4 ferries per hour.

How much does it cost to ride the Staten Island ferry?

Nothing. It is a free ride since 1997.

The views you see while on the Staten Island Ferry

Going to Staten Island, the views from the right side of the boat is towards the Statue of Liberty and the views from the left side of the boat is towards Brooklyn.

When coming from Staten Island the views on the right of the boat is Governor's Island and Brooklyn and you're looking up the East River where you see the Brooklyn Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge, and the Manhattan Bridge.

When looking to the left of the boat, you will see the Statue of Liberty once again, and looking up, the Hudson River.

Statue of Liberty Ferry

How long does it take to visit the Statue of Liberty?

To take the Statue of Liberty Ferry going to the Statue of Liberty is a 4 - 5 time commitment. It breaks down as follows:

You need to buy your ticket, stand in line for the security, wait to get on the Statue of Liberty boat, sail to Liberty Island, wait for them to tie up the boat, get off the island, walk around Liberty Island, get back on the ferry. Sail to Ellis Island. If you stay on the boat, it takes 20 minutes to tie up the boat, let people off and on the boat, and then sail back to Manhattan.

Should I buy a ticket to go into the Statue of Liberty Pedestal?

It really depends on what you want. In my view, you're actually paying more to see less.

To get to the Statue of Liberty Pedestal is five flights to climb. Once you're up at the pedestal, it is much smaller / narrower / congested thus so you can not linger outside too long. In reality, you need to shuffle around all the people, take your pictures, and go down.

To go up to the pedestal requires an additional security check. Plus you're not allowed to take any bags with you and you need to rent a locker for your bag so that you can go up to the pedestal without any luggage.

TIP: When planning excursions in the afternoon, be mindful as you can be half an hour to an hour later than you had expected and planned before your arrival in New York.

Things to do at the Statue of Liberty

  • Walk around Liberty Island and take in the beautiful views of Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and New Jersey.
  • The Statue of Liberty have a very beautiful gift shop with very tasteful gifts.
  • Also, they have a very nice cafeteria where they have an excellent selection of food.
  • The Statue of Liberty Museum is opening in 2018.

Things to do and see at Ellis Island

Visit the Ellis Island museum. It's a beautiful museum related to immigration and the people in America.

Also, beautiful similar views as you have from the the Statue of Liberty.

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