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walking the brooklyn bridge

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best free excursions in New York. It is easy and you do on your own.

You can walk the Brooklyn Bridge starting in Manhattan ending in Brooklyn, or you can start in Brooklyn walking towards Manhattan.

There is no downside doing it either way.

Pro-tip - For photos, it is best to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan in the morning as you have the sun in your back. That is great for photo’s of the Manhattan Skyline.

In the afternoon the sun is behind you and you will get great photos of the Brooklyn Skyline. But looking directly into the sun if taking Manhattan Skyline photos.

Where is the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge is in Lower Manhattan and connects Downtown New York to Brooklyn. Until the bridge was completed in 1881, there used to a ferry service between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

How to get to the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan

  • Green, 4, 5 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall (closest to the Bridge)
  • Brown, J, Z to Chambers Street (closest to the Bridge)
  • Yellow, R, W to City Hall (one block away from the Bridge)
  • Blue, A, C to Fulton Street (2 blocks away from the Bridge)
  • Red, 2, 3 to Fulton Street (2 blocks away from the Bridge)

The closest public bathroom to the Brooklyn Bridge is inside the Fulton Street subway station.

How to get to the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn

  • Orange, F to York Street (two blocks away from the Bridge)
  • Blue, A, C to High Street (2 blocks away from the Bridge)
  • Red, 2, 3 to Clark Street (2 blocks away from the Bridge)
  • Green, 4, 5 to Borough Hall (8 blocks away from Bridge)

Use these subways to get back to Manhattan / Times Square.

Brooklyn Sightseeing Bus Stops

  • Big Bus - stop 10 - Park Row
  • Grayline - stop 10 - Brooklyn Bridge

Things to look for when walking the Bridge from Manhattan

When you look to your right, you look towards the south and you will see downtown Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Governor's Island, and Brooklyn.

When you look to your left, you see Manhattan to the north and you'll get beautiful views of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, United Nations and several other Manhattan skyscrapers.

The bridges to your left that you see, is first the Manhattan Bridge, and then the Williamsburg Bridge.

TIP: To easily remember the names of the 3 bridges, think of the BMW motorcar, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg.

The neighborhood that you see to your left and to the front, is called DUMBO. That is abbreviation for Down Under the Brooklyn Manhattan Overpass.

When walking from Brooklyn, the views are the reverse.

To your right is the two bridges and the Manhattan skyline. To your left, Governor's Island, Statue of Liberty, and south of Manhattan.

Things to do in Brooklyn

If you're hungry, go to:

  • Grimaldi's. It is one of the best pizzas in Brooklyn. They have a wood fired pizza oven.
  • The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory has delicious ice creams.
  • The River Café is a very elegant, somewhat expensive restaurant. But its truly a gem in New York and one of the best restaurants in America.

There are many views to take in:

Walk to the River and read the Walt Whitman poem at Fulton Ferry landing.

The Brooklyn waterfront has been redeveloped after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. You walk to Red Hook in the South or the Williamsburg and Queens in the north.

How long does it take to walk the Brooklyn Bridge?

Allow about an hour to two hours. The time all depends on how much you stop to take pictures. Or things you do at the start or the end of your walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

How long is the Brooklyn Bridge?

1.134 mi = 1.83 km

Fun tip - Remember to turn on the steps on your phone to track how far you are walking.

If you've walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan and you want to explore things to do in Lower Manhattan:

The first area to explore is the 9/11 Memorial. Further south, the Wall Street area, the Wall Street Bull and the Statue of Liberty.

Plan Your Visit: