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Downtown New York is the oldest part of New York. It all began right here.

The Dutch came to NY in the 1600s and called the outpost New Amsterdam. It then became an English colony in 1664 and renamed New York.

The first battle of the Revolutionary War took place in New York.

Many of the prominent figures of the Gilded Age had their offices in downtown New York. These include JP Morgan, John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Marcus Goldman.

Our Dutch New Amsterdam / Early New York History tours focus on the early history of this city and America as well.

Tour Description:

This tour covers origins of the Dutch city of New Amsterdam: how and why it was settled, and why it grew so quickly. Students walk the oldest streets of New Amsterdam. They will learn about the city’s humble beginnings in the 1600’s and about the wall of Wall Street. Students will view ruins of New Amsterdam in an archeological dig visible from street level. Groups will learn about Peter Minuit. Minuit purchased Manhattan from the Native Americans.

We can customize the tour.

With more than 400 years of history in Downtown New York, it is easy for us to create a custom tour for your class. Please tell us what topics you focus on and we can incorporate them into the tour.

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