lower manhattan secrets discover the secrets of downtown

A New York Architecture tour of Downtown New York.

We invite you to experience the renaissance of Lower Manhattan.

Here is what preservationists call a “sense of place,” which lets you know you are somewhere very special. Here are no square city blocks. You are off the grid.

The Wall Street canyons are created by the early skyscrapers and modern office towers that stand side by side. They form the mosaic of Downtown.

Among the financial powerhouses of Wall Street, emerges a recent phenomenon – a new residential district.

  • Witness the breath of life transfused into the streetscape
  • throngs of Millennia’s flood back into Fi-Di at dusk
  • now calling the magnificent, re-purposed, and sometimes landmarked, residential skyscrapers “home”.

The Millennials passion for the ‘original’ New York is expressed in their reviving and creating a new community, thereby, generating the “youthification” of Lower Manhattan.

The tour is off the beaten track, with surprising information and stories you will never learn from a guidebook.  It will acquaint you with the city that you would never find on your own or on a tour bus.

Main tour stops

  • Bowling Green
  • Battery Park, recovered from the damage caused by hurricane Sandy
  • James Watson House
  • The old and new Staten Island ferry terminals
  • buildings built expecting the 2nd Avenue subway to reach there;
  • site of an architectural dig during the 1970s.  That inspired a change in building practices.  It leads to digs before new construction in older parts of the City.
  • Stone Street
  • The Downtown Association
  • 28 Liberty Place
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Helmsley Building
  • ZucottI Park [POPS]
  • See buildings by “starchitects”, both modern and historic, such as Gordon Bunshaft, Philip Johnson, and Cass Gilbert.

Discover hard to find and off-the-beaten track:

  • Unique open spaces
  • Privately Owned Public Spaces [POPS]
  • Pocket parks
  • Historic landmarks

This New York architecture tour is for visitors to Lower Manhattan and local residents who wants to learn and see how much Downtown has changed.

Our Financial District Architecture walking tour,  will be one of the most fascinating tours you will ever take.  You will walk away knowing why  New York is one of the one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world.

Tour Details:
Summer Schedule: Daily at 10am and 1pm
Winter Schedule: Daily at 10am
Duration: 90 minutes

Tour starts: Next to the Red Downtown Alliance Information Kiosk at Bowling Green
Tour ends: 911 Memorial Plaza / World Trade Center

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