Why Choose Us?

Local Expertise

While giving tours, we have seen the area change from a hole in the ground to the wonderful buildings and memorials you see today.

When you choose to book with Lower Manhattan Tours, you get to take advantage of our local knowledge and years of experience.

Options and Variety

We offer many different tours and combinations with other local attractions.

No matter what you are looking for, we have it. If not, we will create your unique tour.

Great Guides

A great guide makes the difference between just an OK or a great tour. We use individual listening devices and you can actually hear the guide without being right next to them.

We have guided more then 50 000 clients and have stellar reviews. TripAdvisor admitted us to the “Hall of Fame” in 2015.

Many Tours to Choose From

Wall Street & 911 Memorial Tour:

Come with us to explore Wall Street, the center of the financial universe.

Trading and deal making started in the street under a Buttonwood Tree. It became the New York Stock Exchange.  Today the largest, most watched financial exchange in the world.

See the Wall Street power houses. Visit where the brokers go to lunch and make deals. Hear the real stories as only insiders can tell them.

Tour starts on Wall Street and ends at the 911 Memorial.

Secrets of Lower Manhattan Tour:

Do you want to get off the beaten track?  Then join us to discover the secrets hiding in the oldest part of New York City.

Walk the Dutch streets of the 1600’s. See early skyscrapers where they stand side by side with modern office towers, creating the mosaic of Downtown.

Get to know the stories of the people, the culture and the politics.

Group and Private Tours:

Group tours does not operate on a fixed timetable.   The tours are perfect for school groups, a family outing or a corporate event.

If you want something extra and different, we can customize a tour to fit your needs.

Once you have selected your walking tour, you choose a date and time and then contact us.

River To River Festival 2017:
Night at the Museums

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
4PM to 8PM

Spend the evening visiting 15 museums and historic sites in Lower Manhattan for free.

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